Vinny Del Negro to Baron Davis: Get in Shape


Vinny Del Negro was spoiled at the pg position in Chicago. He’s used to having Derrick Rose, a young, dynamic, explosive, physically fit point guard running his team. Now he’s stuck with an out of shape Baron Davis on the down swing of his career. The Associated Press reports that Davis showed up to training camp out of shape and “Del Negro lightly criticized Davis for not being in ideal shape to run the aggressive, uptempo offense he envisions…” Lightly criticized? You know behind closed doors Del Negro was tossing gatorade dispensers against locker room doors.

Anyhow, Del Negro tried running an aggressive, uptempo style of offense with Rose in Chicago. Many times Del Negro would put the ball in his hands and just tell him to go to work. This ultimately didn’t work in Chicago and won’t work in L.A., especially with an out of shape B. Diddy. If Del Negro wants an uptempo offense he should look to Eric Gordon. EG is more than capable of getting to the rim and creating offense for the Clips. The keys to the Clippers’ success this season are a healthy Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon.

Davis is still only 31-years-old and highly capable of helping out this Clippers team. There is huge potential this season for the Clippers to have a winning record and make the playoffs. I’m pretty sure Davis sees that and is willing to get in shape before the season starts. If not, then maybe the Clippers should ship him off to another team.

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