Entourage Season Finale Confusing to Non-NBA Fans


If you saw the Entourage season finale then you might have seen Jordan Farmar and Kevin Loves’ cameos, or you might not have. They were in a scene towards the end of the episode that took place at Eminem’s private party at a hotel. Vincent Chase gets into a fight with Eminem and the two former UCLA Bruins help break it up. But its hard to see their faces and they are never introduced in the scene.

The reason I say that this episode is confusing to non-NBA fans is because of a line Johnny Drama drops in the next scene at the hospital. See, Eminem shattered Vince’s face so bad that he had to be taken to the hospital. Drama is seen standing in the hallway at the hospital when he mutters the following, “If it wasn’t for Jordan Farmar and that guy Kevin Love I would have killed somebody.” I think its safe to say that non-NBA fans did not get that reference.

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