First Cards of LeBron With Heat, John Wall With Wizards

The first cards of LeBron James on the Miami Heat and number 1 pick John Wall on the Washington Wizards have been unveiled. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Instead of “Forward,” maybe LeBron’s card should read “Trader.” But that’s for you to decide. I like how he has his right hand on his hip. I remember striking that pose for team pictures back in the day. Brings back memories.

John Wall’s first card is a typical draft day card with the picture most-likely taken right after he was drafted number 1 overall. He’s wearing his Wizards draft day hat, holding a basketball with his number 63 on it, and making the number one sign with his finger just in case we forgot where he fell in the draft.

Here’s a description of the cards from the Basketball Beckett:

“The Two cards, sporting a Donruss Elite design, were part of a 50-card National-exclusive set made available at Panini America’s booth via wrapper redemption.”

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