Hello and thanks for checking out my website. On this site, I blog about NBA news, NBA memorabilia, NBA movies, and NBA video games. Feel free to send me any memorabilia or ideas for video game and/or movies to review.

So far we have 3 reoccurring series on ProHoopsJournal.com:

-3 in the Key: Top 3 NBA Stories of the Week-If you didn’t have time to read up on your news for the week don’t worry, PHJ has you covered. PHJ lists the top 3 NBA stories of the week.

-Error Basketball Cards-PHJ loves error basketball cards. We will be posting error cards along with their corrected cards from time to time. If you have any error cards to share with us please do.

-Players by the Numbers-PHJ lists pictures/cards of players with every uniform number they have put on from High School to the NBA. We also do our best job at explaining why those players picked those numbers.