George Hill Explains to Pro Hoops Journal Why He Wears Number 3


I am always fascinated why players choose the numbers they do. I asked Spurs guard George Hill via Twitter why he wears Number 3. Here was his answer:

If I am interpreting this right, he wears Number 3 because his grandfather was born on the 3rd and because there are only 3 people in his family: him, his mom, and his dad. As you can see, family is very important to Hill. Every night he takes the court he is representing them by wearing Number 3 across his chest.

I then asked him a follow up question, if his grandfather got to see him play in the NBA. He responded:

Not only did his grandfather not see him play in the NBA, Hill’s grandfather missed his grandson’s 2009-2010 break out season where averaged 12.4 ppg and nearly 30 minutes of play.

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