Stephen Jackson Thinks his Wife Faked Home Invasion, Robbery

September 28, 2010


Remember back in July when it was reported that armed men broke into Stephen Jackson’s house, locked his wife in a bathroom, and took off with a gun and some luxury items?

Well now Stephen Jackson says he thinks the whole thing never happened. Jackson is quoted as saying the following by the Charlotte Observer:

“To this day, there’s been no proof of anyone breaking in, so my attitude is it didn’t happen,” Jackson said. “I was going through a divorce situation with my wife at the time, so there were a lot of emotionally different things going on.

“Nothing was stolen, no breaking and entering. If it did happen, I thank God that she’s OK. If not, then I’m ready to put it behind me.”

Sounds like a case of a disgruntled soon to be ex-wife trying to get some sympathy. I’m pretty sure it’s a crime in and of itself to report a false crime. The law enforcement officials that wasted their time searching for fake robbers could have been solving and preventing real crimes.¬†Could Jackson’s wife face a criminal investigation based on these new revelations? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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