A 2005 Hip Hop Video Featuring Lamar Odom Predicted the Future

Back in 2005 Lamar Odom made a cameo in Dilated Peoples’ music video for their song “Back Again.” If you don’t know, Dilated Peoples is a hip hop group from LA. The video is pretty cool even without the Odom sighting, so check it out. The funny thing about the video is that it was shot in 2005 before the Lakers had even come close to winning their next title and right when Odom makes his cameo (at about ┬áthe 2:35 mark) the MC spews the following as L.O. points his finger at the camera and bends his wrist, “…back again to get my squad on track, Staples Center parades, back to back.” Odom did get the back to back but it took him 5 years after this video was made to do it.